What's Next Hpp?


NextHPP is what’s next in HPP Supply Chain Management Solutions

The industry is requesting lower operational costs, reducing labor, improving throughput, and significantly improving reliability. The Next HPP solutions for high pressure processing (HPP) equipment drive solutions to those requests through equipment design that combines proven material handling solutions such as HPP Baskets, HPP Pallets, and Food Grade Lift Tables and Carts.



NextHPP Will Unlimit Your Process

All solutions are designed to reduce space, reduce people, and reduce touches to the product reducing overall costs of HPP and the services around it creating a very efficient operation that is highly traceable.
Our solutions can be custom tailored to the various food industries served by High Pressure Pasteurization (Deli Meats, Juices, Cold Pressed Juice, Organic Products, Natural Products, Ready to Eat Meats, Hummus, Salsa, Baby Food, Dog Food and more).


Stays Fresh


Save Money


Time Efficient