Next HPP entered the High Pressure Processing Industry after several years of operating and consulting for food processing companies who owned HPP machines. Next HPP’s team has worked with several of the manufactures of HPP machines in a variety of capacities. It is the experience gained in these different roles that provided the framework for the Next Generation Series of Equipment and Supply Chain Management Solutions.  However, it is the unique and diverse background of the entire team at Next HPP that brought to the forefront equipment solutions and designs that utilizes the best practices from many different industries.

Next HPP searched the entire globe for suppliers who could meet the requirements of our design. It was our first machine installed in United States that brought our team to the realization that to make the quality of machine that would Meet and Exceed the Worlds most stringent standards we would have to adopt a centralized approach to assemble that was much closer to home.  In early 2017, Next HPP will introduce an initiative that focuses on our equipment solutions being sourced globally and produced in the State of Michigan.

Next HPP has positioned itself as the lowest capital cost machine and best Return on Investment (ROI) in the HPP Industry.

Our customers, suppliers, and fabrication partners are in tune with what technology is trending in their respective industry’s.  At Next HPP this insight is invaluable to the design team as it keeps us in the forefront of innovation.


“Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler”

Albert Einstein | Theoretical Physicist

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein | Theoretical Physicist

“So we tossed out the thinking of our Competitors and created HPP machines and processes by keeping things as simple as they can be.”

Gerald R. Ludwick | Founder, Next HPP

High Presseure Processing Equipment