HPP Equipment

Next Generation Equipment is built with valuable input from Operators and Maintenance Personnel with thousands of cycles of experience in running and Managing HPP Operations.

Next Generation Features Next Generation Benefits Image
AutoFrettage Vessel NSF 3A compliant stainless steel liner and exterior shell, the middle layer is solid forged steel and the outer shell is solid forged steel that has been pressed with the middle layer. The result: a vessel that is extremely durable and designed to achieve several hundred thousand cycles in its lifetime.  
Integrated Plug, Tubing, and Intensifiers Reduce the need for high pressure tubing and fittings between the vessel and intensifiers. Greatly reduce bends and fittings which cause leaks and costly downtime.  integrated-plug-tubing
AutoFrettage Intensifiers Each Intensifier has the ability produce 2.3 gpm because of the increase bore size. The customer benefits from having less intensifiers, that have end of stroke sensor for reduced noise levels, and water-side seal packages that can be swapped out in under 30 minutes.  auto-frettage-intensifiers
Modular Growth Invest based upon your current production needs then increase capacity as your business grows by adding additional intensifiers.
Real Time Open Database Validation software is integrated with the control systems to provide immediate traceability of processed product, real time performance reporting, and ERP/MRP plug and play.