Supply Chain Management Solutions


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At NEXT HPP, we are committed to providing innovative standards based supply chain solutions, along with responsive service, designed to meet and exceed the needs of our customers, at every turn.

Customers who own HPP Machines are telling us:

  • We process between 75% to 80% performance rate
  • We want
    • less manual operation,
    • more stable performance up to 95% (excluding breaks and break downs, etc),
    • run machines through lunches, breaks and between shifts
    • better quality control and tracing of our goods
    • automated program choice,
    • less handling between process steps. (filling, labeling) as of consequence due HPP.
    • reduced labor costs
    • more efficient use of space
    • less space

Customers who outsource the processing of their product are asking us why can’t they load the baskets off their production lines versus loading the product into boxes only to have the Toller unload the boxes and put the product in HPP baskets?

A popular Process Today


There has got to be a better way, Right?

 Our Core Supply Management Solution is a better way! 

For Outsourcers like 3rd Party Tollers

For Manufacturers who own HPP Machines

And For Manufacturers that are customers of Outsourcers like 3rd Party Tollers

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 Why you want it?

–  Because Integrating HPP from the Point of Packaging through to Pack-off saves everyone money $$$$


  • No brainer 1 year ROI

Assumption Running (2) 10 Hour Shifts with an Avure ™ 350L or AV 30

Run through Lunch, Breaks, & Shift Change [DOWNLOAD] Worksheet

$2,200 a Day

$686,400 Annualized

Upgrade to the 5815OE Basket [DOWNLOADWorksheet

$529 a Day

$164,194 Annualized


$851,591 Annualized

*(not including all the Direct and Indirect Savings below)

  • Cycle efficiency
    • Fully optimized baskets in front of machines at all times
    • Never waiting on load
    • More pounds of product processed
    • Run through Lunch, Breaks, Shift Changes
  • Labor reduction
    • Reduced material handling pre and post HPP
    • More efficient and faster basket loading
    • Ability to run more machines with minimal increase to overall head count
    • Reduced Payroll Taxes and Worker Compensation Insurance
    • Reduced MDS Claims
  • Ergonomics
    • Improved Productivity
    • Improved Quality
    • Improved Engagement
    • Increased Revenues
    • Decreased Costs
    • Means it is the Right Thing to Do
  • Space Savings
    • Production Line basket loading
    • Fully Loaded Pallets delivered to In-House Manufactures and 3rd Party
    • Toller’s for “Just in Time” Processing
    • Less real estate needed as a result of less double handling
    • Reduced Utilities and Taxes


Next HPP Core Supply Management Solution was designed in conjunction with some of the pioneers in HPP and is being deployed in the 4th quarter 2016 in North America.  It is a modular solution that lets you pick and choose the components that best fit your needs and budget.

There are 5 components to the system, they are as follows:

Component #1 – Basket or Tote

Component #1 – Basket or ToteThe most popular sized basket in the industry today.

The 5915OE basket can be used with the Avure™ 350L and AV 30, the Hyberbaric 525L, and the Next HPP 175L, 350L, and 525L machines.

No rib basket design allows for maximum product loading.   The removable lid allows for speed of dumping product after processing.


Component #26 Basket Pallet

Component #2 – 6 Basket PalletThe most economical and efficient way to transport pre-loaded post packaged product.

Whether you are a Food or Beverage Manufacture with and In-House HPP machine or you use a 3rd Party Tolling Center to process your product, these pallets are lite weight and extremely durable.



o Pallets dimensions are 48”w x 60”l x 40” h

o Weight approximately 330 lbs. empty & approximately 1,500 lbs. assuming baskets with full product weight 220 lbs. each.

o Refrigerated Truck can transport 35,640 pounds of product per truckload

o Pallets fully compatible with Forklifts and Motorized Pallet Jacks (Yale™, Hyster™, Catapillar(™)


Component #3 – Pallet Build Station

 Component #3 – Pallet Build StationIn Line production loading eliminates the need for double handling of product as baskets can be loaded directly off the production line or buffer area.  Your team members will appreciate the ergonomically design that virtually eliminates bending over to fill baskets resulting in faster basket fills times and lower Workers Compensation claims for work related injuries.

The Pallet Build Station consists of a 2 Basket Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table and Pallet Indexing Platform.  Both components are made out of food grade stainless steel and follow NSF 2 and 3A guidelines for Food Safety.

Component #4 – Pallet HPP Machine Load and Unload Station

Component #4 – Pallet HPP Machine Load and Unload Station The key too reliable high performance, outside of a properly maintained machine, is keeping loaded baskets on the conveyor and ready for the next cycle and on the processed side getting baskets off the conveyor so that don’t become a bottleneck for loading of unprocessed baskets.

The Load and Unload Station consists of a Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table with Indexing The components are made out of food grade stainless steel and follow NSF 2 and 3A guidelines for Food Safety.

Component #5 – Pallet Unload Station

 Component #5 – Pallet Unload StationUnload pallets and processed product quickly and efficiently away from the HPP operations.  In-house HPP Food or Beverage production facilities and 3rd Party Toller’s benefit from being able to separate off loading of baskets to an area away from HPP operations thereby eliminating any down stream bottlenecks.  If you are a customer of a 3rd Party Toller and you want to keep post HPP operations In-house the Pallet Unload Station is an excellent option.

The Pallet Unload Station consists of a 2 Basket Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table with tilt and Pallet Indexing Platform.  Both components are made out of food grade stainless steel and follow NSF 2 and 3A guidelines for Food Safety.